Audio Productions


With more than 15 years of experience from the professional audio business we are sure to deliver a brilliant result no matter what task you threw on us. We are happy to put our hands on any kind of audio related work from simple things as cutting, voice mixing, mastering to composing complete productions.

Here under you can see some of the things we do.
Since prices vary depending on the complexity of the work needed please Contact Us and let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to assist and let you know more.

Audio Production

Music and sound production for





Mastering for

-CDs, albums or singles
-wave files

-We deliver Red Book Standard DDP Masters incl. ISRC, EAN and CD-Text or as physical Audio CD or Wave files.

Mixing, Sync and Editing

We mix all kinds of audio material, from music to speech and effects.

Sync audio to audio, audio to video

Editing of any kind is possible, nothing will be to much to handle. Everything from cutting, rearrange and to produce additional material.

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► Audio & Mixing Service

Our services are hard to beat, from first contact to finished project. We understand the value of service.

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